Why are ski suits made of polyester not down

skiiworld Dec 18, 2023

There are down ski suits, but most of them are not suitable for wearing, because skiing is a physically demanding sport, and it is too hot to wear down ski suits. Ski suits focus on ventilation, not warmth.

The original origin of down ski jackets was in the early stages of the development of skiing. At that time, the artificial chemical fiber fabric industry had not yet developed into such a highly functional material. At that time, natural down materials were widely used as thermal fillings. Therefore, as time went by, people verbally called down jackets ski jackets. With the development of the clothing fabric industry, professional skiing no longer uses down materials on a large scale for cost and cost-effective filling.

This commonly known ski suit is no longer a real professional ski suit. Even many big-name outdoor down jackets are only waterproof and breathable in fabrics and have no special ski design. Wearing high-waterproof and expensive big-brand outdoor clothing for skiing will cause various discomforts, and experienced skiers will not wear it this way.

Real ski sportswear currently has less down filling. Some ski and snowboard clothing are used because the waterproof environmental requirements of double boards are lower than that of single boards. Veneers are basically not used at all. Down is a static thermal insulation material that is not hydrophobic and will no longer have thermal insulation properties once water enters. The waterproof index of ski clothing fabrics is limited. As an outdoor extreme sport, skiing can easily encounter natural environments that exceed design limits. Once this waterproof index is exceeded, water will enter the ski suit.

In addition, water on the outside of the ski suit is not the main reason, but more importantly, sweating on the inside. You must know that skiing is a strenuous exercise, and the human body also needs a lot of sweat. This water must be discharged, otherwise it will lead to dangerous loss of body temperature. Only the shell of a ski jacket is waterproof, not the lining, so the down material will still get wet. The so-called polyester clothing for ski clothing refers to chemical fiber polyester material, which is hydrophobic and not worthy of traditional polyester spinning. It is filled with thermal insulation to ensure that it has certain thermal insulation performance even if water enters.