How to choose the right ski suit

skiiworld Jan 15, 2024

Skiing is a sport that is very beneficial to physical and mental health. During the exercise, we need to wear ski suits to protect our bodies. But how to choose the right ski suit? Today I will introduce it to you.

Tip 1: Choose a ski suit with a large zipper opening
The opening of the ski suit is mainly a large zipper, so that it can be operated easily even when wearing gloves. The ski suit should have several large pockets that are easy to open, so that some commonly used ski supplies can be packed into them by category for easy use. Since you often need to use your hands to organize ski equipment and hold ski poles for sliding, ski gloves should be wide and have five fingers separated. The wrist opening of the gloves should be long enough to cover the sleeves. If it can be sealed with an elastic band, it can effectively prevent snow from entering.

Tip 2: Underwear is not made of cotton
How you choose and use underwear is also important. When choosing underwear, do not use cotton products. You can wear a nylon vest with mesh next to the body, and then put an elastic cotton vest on the outside. In this way, the sweat discharged by the body will be absorbed by the elastic vest through the nylon vest. It will produce a feeling of coldness. If economic conditions permit, you can also choose an underwear made of silk polyester material. It does not absorb water. The outer layer is made of cotton products, which can absorb sweat on cotton products. The effect is very good.

The number of ice and snow sports venues and the number of annual ice and snow sports participants are growing at an annual rate of 60% and 100% respectively. The "heat" of skiing and the increasing specialization of athletes' equipment have brought unlimited business opportunities to the development and production of ski sportswear. According to statistics, among ski participants, only 10% bring their own ski clothes, 20% rent customized ski clothes, and the remaining 70% use ordinary cold-proof clothes instead of customized ski clothes. Therefore, the ski clothing market still has huge room for development. The above is an introduction on how to choose suitable customized ski clothing. I hope it can help everyone.