Criteria for buying ski wear

skiiworld Feb 06, 2024

1. Do not choose clothes that are too small or too tight (except for professional competition ski clothes). The upper body should be loose, the sleeve length should be slightly longer than the wrist after the arms are straightened upward, and the cuffs should be narrowed and have an adjustable elastic function. The neckline should be an upright high opening to prevent cold air from entering. When you learn to ski, you will often fall on the snow, so it is best to wear waterproof ski pants to keep warm and prevent moisture. The length of pants is measured from the hem of the pants to the ankle after squatting. The trouser leg opening has a double-layer structure. The inner layer has an elastic seal with anti-slip rubber, which can be fastened to ski boots to effectively prevent snow. The inside of the outer layer is equipped with a wear-resistant hard lining to prevent ski boots from being damaged by collision during sliding. layer.

2. There are two types of ski suits: split ski suits and one-piece ski suits. Split style, ski suits are easy to wear, but the pants must be high-waisted when chosen, preferably with suspenders and soft belts. Tops must be loose. You should choose a mid-waist and a belt or windproof skirt to prevent snow from entering the ski suit from the waist after a ski fall. One-piece ski suits are simple in structure and comfortable to wear. The snow protection effect is better than wearing a ski suit alone, but it is more troublesome to put on. Ski suit material is very important. Choose nylon or tear-resistant fabric with wear-resistant, tear-resistant, wind-resistant, and waterproof surface treatment.

3. Bright colors should be chosen. It is best to choose eye-catching red, orange, sky blue or a variety of colors that create a strong contrast with white. First, it will add glamor to the sport, and more importantly, it will provide an eye-catching icon for other skiers.

4. The opening of the ski suit is mainly made of large zippers. Zipper pulls should be large so they are easy to operate when wearing gloves. The outside of the zipper should be equipped with a wind-blocking structure to prevent cold air from entering the body through the zipper gap during sliding. There should be several large pockets that are easy to open so that some commonly used ski supplies can be packed into them by category for easy use.