Common sense when choosing ski wear

skiiworld Dec 09, 2023

If you want to choose ski clothing, you must first understand the types of ski clothing. Different uses require the selection of ski clothing with different functions; ski clothing is generally divided into competitive clothing and travel clothing. Competitive uniforms are designed according to competition events and pay more attention to sports performance. The main purpose of travel clothing is to keep warm, comfortable, beautiful, fashionable, and pay attention to outdoor safety. Let’s take a look at the essential common sense when choosing a jacket!

First of all, the color of ski clothing should generally be very bright, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety reasons. For example, it is especially easy to become disoriented when skiing outdoors, especially on a ski slope far away from buildings. In this case, it is necessary to wear brightly colored ski clothing, which will provide the staff with good visibility. I got you, so when it comes to choosing colors, it’s best to go for bright reds, sky blues, and oranges that contrast nicely with the white of the snow. You can also choose a mix of colors with eye-catching shades, mainly to provide a clear sign to other skiers and avoid the risk of collision.

I would also like to remind everyone that the opening of the ski suit should mainly choose a larger zipper, so that it can be easily opened when wearing thick gloves. Secondly, look for a large pocket design to facilitate the installation of large items outdoors, and the pocket design should be highly secure to prevent things from falling out and breaking during strenuous outdoor exercise; gloves should also be wide, and it is best to choose ones with five fingers separated. It is convenient and stable to hold the ski crutches; it is best to choose a pull-over ski hat, which only needs to expose the front half of the face. Not only can it prevent wind, but it can also reduce scratches on the face. No matter what, what suits you is the best, and being comfortable is especially important!